Grey thick cabled hat

_MG_2580smMaterial: 1 skein Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in granite;
1 US10 1/2 circular needle, 1 set of 5 US13 size dpn, cable holder

With small needles (US10 1/2, 16” circular needle), cast on 56 sts. Place marker, join the round and do rib knit (k1 p1). Repeat for 2.5 inches in length.
Next Rnd: (k1, pfb) repeat from around. Total = 84 sts.

Hat body: change to larger needles
Rnd 1: (P2, K12) rep from around
Rnd 2: (P2, C6F, C6B) rep from around
Rnd 3-7: repeat rnd 1
Rnd 8: repeat rnd 2

Shape top:
Rnd 1: (p2tog, k12) rep from around
Rnd 2-5: (p1 k12) rep from around
Rnd 6: (p1, C6F, C6B) rep from around
Rnd 7: (p1, (k2tog, k1) 4 times) rep from around
Rnd 8-11: (p1, k8) rep from around
Rnd 12: (p1, C4F, C4B), rep from around
Rnd 13: (p1, (k2tog) 4 times), rep from around
Rnd 14: (p1, k4), rep from around
Rnd 15: (p1 (k2tog)twice), rep from around
Rnd 16: (p1, k2tog), rep from around

Break yarn, and weave in. Weave the tail from the cast-on.
This pattern can be found on the wrapper of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool yarn.


8 thoughts on “Grey thick cabled hat

  1. Donna Wickenden says:

    I am trying to make this hat; & on the round that has C6F, C6B the cable seems way too bulky. Someone else told me that the “6” means 3 stitches held in front (or back), & knit the other 3 to make the cable. If it is done this way, then the P2, then cable repeat doesn’t add up to 84 stitches. I am confused. Is the cable really done over 12 stitches?

    • danube66 says:


      Yes, C6F means 3 stitches held in front, knit other 3 then knit 3 from front, and vice versa for C6B. Yes, it does add up to 84 stitches: P2+C6F+C6B= 14 stitches, and there are 6 of these in a row (6×14=84). Hope this helps – let me know if you have more questions! It is a lovely hat, I’m sure you’ll love yours.


  2. Doreen says:

    Hi I have researched this hat and I’m so happy that you posted the pattern with details. I didn’t know what c6b and c6f meant so thank you for the information. I read on someone’s blog that they thought that the hat was a little short,do you agree and would you add an extra cable or add more ribbing?

    • danube66 says:

      Hi Doreen – I am so glad you found the info helpful! It’s a quick and easy knit, and a great hat in the winter! Regarding the length – if you want to make it more like a slouchy hat, then definitely add another cable pattern. Otherwise, for my purposes – a basic, beanie type hat – it was the perfect length. I’d recommend you start knitting it as outlined, try it on before you start the decrease, and if it seems shorter than you’d like, add another cable pattern. Also, if you are on, you can see more photos by other people who made this hat if you click on the “projects” tab:
      Hope this helps – let me know if you have more questions!


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