Ice cream

Ice cream, gelato and granita

Baileys Ice Cream
Balsamic roasted strawberry ice cream
Bellini sorbetto
Biscoff cookie cinnamon ice cream
Blackberry basil ice cream
Blackberry gelato
Blackberry cabernet sorbetto
Blackberry elderberry thyme sorbet
Black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream
Black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream – no eggs
Blueberry chocolate chip ice cream
Cardamom ice cream
Cherry white chocolate ice cream
Cherry chocolate chip ice cream with goat milk
Cherry chocolate frozen yogurt – homemade Cherry Garcia
Chocolate coconut sorbet
Chocolate raspberry ice cream
Chocolate malted milk ice cream
Cinnamon ice cream
Cinnamon ice cream – Jeni’s style (with Stevia)
Cinnamon ice cream – Philadelphia style
Coconut ice cream – Philadelphia style
Coffee cardamom ice cream
Coffee chocolate chip ice cream – Jeni’s style
Coffee walnut rum ice cream
Cucumber lime granita
Dark chocolate Cabernet ice cream
Dark chocolate cinnamon gelato
Dulce de leche ice cream with butter salted pecans
Fig and port ice cream
Gin and tonic sorbet
Ginger chai ice cream
Ginger gelato
Gingersnap lemon sherbet ice cream sandwich
Grapefruit and Campari granita with creme chantilly
Grapefruit ginger goat milk sherbet
Lemon gelato (with Limoncello)
Lemon ginger ice cream – Jeni’s style
Lemon mascarpone ice cream with cherry vanilla sauce
Lemon buttermilk sherbet
Lemon sherbet
Mango coconut ice cream
Matcha (green tea) ice cream
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Peach cardamom ice cream
Pear, Riesling and ginger sorbet
Pineapple cilantro sorbet
Plain base – gelato
Pumpkin ice cream
Red velvet cake ice cream
Rocky road ice cream
Raspberry Champagne sorbet
Rosemary infused roasted apricot ice cream
Saffron ice cream with Swedish cardamom cookies
Salted caramel ice cream
Simple vanilla ice cream
Strawberry cheesecake ice cream
Strawberry ice cream with a hint of orange
Toasted coconut ice cream
Toasted coconut, almond and chocolate chip ice cream
Vanilla frozen yogurt
Vanilla ice cream – Philadelphia style
Watermelon granita
Watermelon sorbetto

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