Apple cinnamon muffins
Apple cinnamon walnut muffins
Apple and maple syrup bread pudding
Apple cinnamon biscuits
Banana cinnamon pancakes
Blueberry lemon muffins
Blueberry pancakes
Breadmachine donuts
Buckwheat cherry chocolate chip scones
Buckwheat waffles – yeasted
Buttermilk waffles
Buttermilk waffles for two
Chai roasted pear scones
Cherry almond muffins
Chocolate waffles with raspberries
Cinnamon cardamom waffles
Cinnamon rolls
Coconut waffles
Crepes with strawberries and creme
Flax whole wheat waffles or pancakes
Glazed lemon blueberry scones
Homemade granola bars
Irish cream scones
Lemon ricotta pancakes
Matcha green tea chia pudding
Raspberry chocolate chia pudding – vegan
Raspberry chocolate chip scones
Raspberry lemon French toast strata
Sourdough waffles
Spelt and rye blackberry chocolate chip scones
Spicy apple latke with cardamom cream
Swedis cardamom rolls – kardemummabullar
Vegan banana chocolate chip coconut oil scones
Whole wheat coconut pancakes
Whole wheat ginger pancakes

Almond financier cake with chocolate ganache
Almond lemon cake with olive oil
Almond and spelt vanilla tea cakes
Apple cranberry crumb topping cake
Apple spice cake with spelt, honey and olive oil
Apricot spelt cake with almond, yogurt and olive oil
Banana cake with rum icing
Berry cream cheese cake
Blood orange, almond and ricotta cake
Blueberry buttermilk cake
Carrot cake
Cherry chocolate chip spelt cake
Chocolate cake with ganache
Chocolate cherry cake
Chocolate chiffon cake with cherry yogurt cream
Chocolate coconut cake
Chocolate espresso mousse cake
Chocolate mini bundt cakes
Chocolate stout cake
Chocolate yule log
Coconut oil pound cake
Coconut rum roulade
Danube waves
Dobos torte
Financier loaf
French apple cake
Grape, almond and olive oil cake with a hint of cardamom
Lemon, almond flour, buckwheat and olive oil cake – gluten- and dairy free
Lemon blueberry pound cake
Lemon poppy seed pound cake
Lemon tea cakes
Little apricot cakes
Marbled Kugehopf
Marble cake with yogurt and olive oil
Marbled pound cake
No-Bake Cheesecake with Biscoff cookie crust and Raspberry Sauce
Orange cardamom buttermilk pound cake
Pavlova cake with lemon mascarpone frosting and berry sauce
Peach cake tatin
Peach cardamom spelt cake
Pear cardamom cake
Plum cake
Plum cake – zwetschgen kuchen
Pumpkin bundt cake
Raspberry financiers
Raspberry mousse cake with almond-chocolate base (gluten-free)
Sacher torte
Simple chocolate cake with ganache
Sour cherry – cheese chocolate cake
Sourdough apple cake
Tart cherry yogurt cake – meggyes lepény
Texas sheet cake
Strawberry cake
Tres leches cake with strawberries and cream
Vanilla bean cake
Vanilla bean coconut cake
Walnut, olive oil and plum cake
Winter spice cake with caramelized apple topping
Yogurt spelt cake

Almond coconut macaroons
Almond crescents – mandulas kifli
Amaretti cookies
Banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Black and white cookies
Brownie cookies
Buckwheat cacao nib shortbread cookies with clementine zest
Buckwheat coconut oil chocolate chip cookies
Cardamom and ginger shortbread
Cardamom orange cookies
Cardamom semolina shortbread cookies
Cherry cashew coconut energy balls
Chocolate espresso oatmeal cookies
Chocolate thumbprint cookies
Chocolate malt cookies
Coconut balls – kokuszgolyo
Coconut cookies
Coconut lime cookies
Coconut filled chocolate cookies
Coconut macaroons
Coconut oatmeal cookies
Coconut orange snowballs
Cranberry white chocolate cookies
Dark chocolate coconut cookies
Dark chocolate orange cookies
Deep dark chocolate cookies
Double dark chocolate cabernet cookies
Earl grey tea cookies
Gingerbread men
Ginger cookies with spelt and rye flour
Greek butter cookies
Kahlua truffles
Lemon meringue cookies
Lemon bars
Lemon cream cheese cookies
Lemon poppy seed cookies
Matcha (green tea) almond shortbread cookies
Matcha cookies with almonds (vegan)
Mocha meringue chocolate chip cookies
Nutella butterball cookies
Oatmeal blackberry dark chocolate bar
Oatmeal and flax cranberry cookies
Orange cardamom biscotti with almonds and cranberries
Pumpkin cookies
Pumpkin oatmeal cookies
Raspberry chocolate chip thumbprint cookies
Raspberry spelt almond crumble bars
Raspberry spelt crumble bars II. (with fresh raspberries)
Red wine dark chocolate and almond cookies
Rosemary pine nut cookies
Snickerdoodle cookies
Spelt chocolate chip cookies
Spelt oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies
Stollen bites
Swedish Oatmeal Coconut Balls
White chocolate chip chocolate cookies
White chocolate coconut truffles

Black and white cupcake
Cinnamon banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
Green tea (matcha) cupcakes
Vanilla malted milk cupcakes
Chocolate orange cupcakes
Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry mascarpone icing
Tiramisu cupcakes
Vanilla bean cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting

Pies and tarts
Almond whole wheat single pie crust
Apple galette
Apple tartlets
Basic butter double pie crust
Blackberry and plum galette with almond whole wheat pie crust
Blueberry galette
Blueberry raspberry whole wheat crust pie
Buckwheat strawberry blueberry galette
Buckwheat cardamom apple pie
Buckwheat mocha tart
Cheddar crust pear pie with red wine and rosemary
Cherry pie
Chocolate mousse tart
Country apple galette
Earl grey and vanilla panna cotta in almond spelt Pâte Sablée tartelettes
French apple tart
French apple tart II.
Lemon tart with spelt rosemary crust
Peach and raspberry pie
Peaches and cream pie with crumble top
Roman nut tart
Triple berry pie
Whole wheat pie crust

Sweet breads and muffins
Apple cinnamon muffins
Apple cinnamon walnut muffins
Banana blueberry muffins
Banana coconut muffins
Banana bread with walnuts and coconut oil
Blueberry banana bread
Blueberry muffins
Challah – fonott kalacs
Cinnamon swirl brioche bread
Cream cheese raspberry muffins
Double chocolate flaxseed muffin
Lemon pistachio bread
Lemon raspberry muffins
Oatmeal whole wheat banana muffin
Orange cranberry muffin
Orange chocolate chip muffins
Peanut butter and jelly muffins
Pumpkin cream cheese swirl bread
Pumpkin mini chocolate chip muffins
Pumpkin spice muffin
Raspberry chocolate chip muffins
Spelt banana blueberry muffins

Various desserts
Blackberry-raspberry cobbler with buckwheat chocolate topping – vegan
Cardamom orange yogurt panna cotta
Cherry clafoutis
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate pudding
Clafoutis with cocoa and blackberries
Cocoa panna cotta with raspberries
Coconut panna cotta
Dulce de leche
Mango coconut pudding
Mango vanilla yogurt panna cotta
Matcha chia seed panna cotta
Peach blueberry spelt cobbler
Pumpkin creme brulee
Raspberry fool with simple meringue cookies
Rote Grütze
Strawberries Romanoff
Tiramisu II.
Vanilla yogurt panna cotta with honey

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